Sample Management Software

Sample Management Excellence Gets Easier

FreezerPro® is a class-leading frozen sample management solution that is indispensable to any modern scientific or pharmaceutical laboratory. FreezerPro® is an intuitive, fast, reliable and secure way to know precisely where a frozen sample is located even before opening the freezer door. Around the world, more than 1,000 companies depend on FreezerPro® for their daily sample management operations.

And now FreezerPro® is available on the Cloud. FreezerPro® Cloud requires no IT deployment — just click the URL, login, and start managing your samples.

Cloud Built for Lab Data Security, Regulation Compliance and Constant Availability

The FreezerPro® Cloud uses state-of-the-art, cross-region servers and storage technologies managed directly by Brooks Life Sciences and able to be accessed by customers via a web browser from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Grows With Your Lab

Whether your lab needs a quick solution to replace error-prone manual data capture practices or your international collaboration needs a repository to capture and securely share findings in real-time, FreezerPro® Cloud is the solution.

FreezerPro® Cloud is available with all options, or as an economical “Standard” edition. Increased functionality offers better sample management practices for your lab. Choose to upgrade editions at any time to leverage more functionality.

FreezerPro® Cloud also features scaling infrastructure - as your lab’s data volume increases, FreezerPro® Cloud will dynamically adapt available computational resources to meet the new load, ensuring constantly optimal performance without interruptions.


security and hipaa compliance

Data security in the cloud is a serious concern. FreezerPro® Cloud encrypts data in transit and at rest so that your data is always safe and secure.

Security Features on All Editions Include:

1028 Bit Encryption.
Secure Socket Layer.
Operating System Level Vulnerability Monitoring

Available Security Features:

Advanced Persistent Threat Testing.
Security Log Monitoring

“Strict Operations” Mode and HIPAA:

Compliance is supported in all FreezerPro® editions.
Comprehensive Validation Manual for FreezerPro® Cloud is also available.

FreezerPro® Cloud also supports:

FDA 21 CFR Parts 11, 21, 58, 210, 211, 820, cGLP/cGMP,
Section 508 Accessibility Guidelines, HIPAA

Improve Your Existing Excel-based Solution

Before using FreezerPro®, many laboratories utilized Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to manage sample inventory. Today, many of them still do! This is because FreezerPro® Cloud offers a free, downloadable Microsoft Excel Add-In tool. Whether it is used for an easy, one-time data migration or on a daily basis to import/export data, this Add-In makes adopting FreezerPro® Cloud even easier.

Brooks Life Sciences also offers a complimentary, extensively utilized Developer API with FreezerPro® Cloud "Enterprise" edition. Transition your existing solutions with ease, rather than replacing them all at once.